Our Story

So how did this start?

Let me tell you my story as a parent who loves to cook. I always try to look for the best ingredients for my family, but I could not always find what is healthy and clean in the local market. We do have some imported products from organic farms, however produce that is locally grown is much more fresh than produce that has travelled thousands of miles to reach my plate

When you eat food that is fresh and clean, it will not only nurture your body but it will also nurture your mind. We would not feed you anything that we would not feed our own kids. This whole farm started just to feed them and it will always be there for them. These are our values and this is what we stand for.

Our mission is to provide locally grown safe, clean, and nutritious food.

This business has far-reaching goals that help families, the community, and the country it helps families by giving them the cleanest and freshest ingredients available, it helps the community by providing locally grown varieties and it helps the country by saving 90% of the water used compared to traditional agriculture.

Finally, to put the icing on the cake (or the tomato on the salad!), the locally grown plants will be 100% natural and fresher than most of the imported products. Yes, Saudi-made vegetables can be better than any foreign vegetables (even the organic kind) and we can prove it, our kids agree, and you shall see.